Dark nights of my soul

Thursday, June 16th, 2011 @ 5:20PM

It pains me unbearably
tackling the two tongued
vicious snakes
for some strage reason
appear in human form…

It Pains me unbearably
dealing with cunning foxes
for some strage reason
appear in human form…

I look at the sky
the sun about to set,
it is not beautiful any more.
The rage in the pained heart
is painting it dark and red.

I started to stare
in to the onsetting darkness,
life inevitable…
What ever destined is bound to happen…

I turn to my God in silent prayer
for I can’t really stare in to this blindening darkness
My heart longing for solace.

I wonder if there is a wee bit of spark,
the light of hope somewhere in this human existence.

Is it! I wonder,
the beginning of
the dark nights of my wandering soul.

-Madhava Turumella

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