Monday, January 16th, 2017 @ 8:53PM

My feet are stuck in mud my Lord!
I am a lotus… lotus
Since I came to know
of my existence –
It has been a long time I know
that I am alive, that I am alone
that I am stuck!
I feel despair!
I have been crying for relief my Lord!

Only my head is barely above the water
enough to breathe
enough to see –
your daily glory as a Sun in the sky!

I can also see –
the butterflies and the dragonflies
I see them flopping their wings
roaming free — flying round and round
around my head… they get into my head…
is it their intention – my Lord?
to make me feel jealous?
I feel sad
I wish they see that I am stuck in mud…

I don’t know why my Lord!
I am born with feet stuck in mud..
I could have died unknown
But for your small blessings My Lord
I found myself somehow
Struggled to get out of water
My head blossomed
with many beautiful petals
Though feet stuck I gathered a lot of nectar!
I have become visible
Because of your blessings… My Lord!

Though caught up
In their own lives drama –
passers by
occasionally stop for a minute
admiring my head
calling me a flower beautiful!

But I reason with them
I try to make a silent cry
Yes my head is beautiful
But my feet are stuck in mud
See me in my entirety
My existance
Accept me as a whole..

Poor passers-by
In their lives facile platitudes,
fail to hear my cry –
My sadness –
My yearning to be accepted as a whole…


Though my feet are stuck in mud,
Though you made me
not to move any where,
My head is free –
ever waving into the sky
my head is full of useful nectar
Hungry bees are welcome my Lord!

All are approaching me to take
and I have been continuously giving…
But you alone know
that my feet are stuck in mud my Lord!
I wait for the day to be plucked
And offered at your prayer
I can’t move myself my Lord
I need help…
My feet are stuck in mud….

**** x x x ****

—- A poem by Madjava Turumella

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