Reference from Vedas confusion and clarification RIGVEDA : Someone wrote to me that a particular number reference can’t be traced. You need to first find out how is the translation organized. Rig veda samhita contains 10,170 Riks. These Riks are logically grouped into Suktas. There are total 1028 Suktas. There are two types of references Ashtakas and Mandalas. In RigVeda the number of Suktas is something above a thousand, containing rather more than ten thousand stanzas. They are arranged in two methods. One divides them amongst eight Khandas (portions), or Asthakas (eighths), each of which is, again, subdivided into eight Adhydayas, or lectures. The other plan classes the Suktas under ten Mandalas, or circles, subdivided into rather more than a hundred Anuvakas, or sub-sections. A further subdivision of the Suktas into Vargas, or paragraphs, of about five stanzas each, is common to both classifications. 

1) Western scholars such as Ralph T.H. Griffith translated using the 10 Mandala method. You can see that translation here
2) In Vedic India especially in Southern side of India the Ashtaka method of Rigveda is very popular. This is useful for higher levels of memory retention and recitation. Eleven such ways of reciting the Vedas were designed – Samhita, Pada, Krama, Jata, Maalaa, Sikha, Rekha, Dhwaja, Danda, Rathaa, Ghana, of which Ghana is usually considered the most difficult. You can see the Ashtaka classifications and also listen to Rigveda in the following link:
So you will have to first know the method of classification before going on searching reference. I personally prefer Asthka classification. Don’t ask me why ..HAPPY SEARCHING IN THE DIVINE FORREST OF VEDAS.. 

Love and Light, Madhava Turumella