The power of premonition is one of the by product powers of a Siddha. Even for a Siddha unknown emotional attachments happen with certain people, beings and places. His mind picks up the vibrations of the six super happenings from the collective unconscious. utpatti, vinasha, bhutanam gati, bhutanam aagati, vidya and avidya are the six super happenings. They are waves from the infinite ocean of karma…Premonition of Death (Bhutanam Gati) is one of them…A Siddha is always informed yet the world is not informed towards him.. ..

उत्पत्तिंच विनाशंच भूतानां आगतां गतिः
वेत्ति विद्यां अविद्यांच स वाच्यो भगवान् इति ॥

utpattiMca vinASaMca BUtAnAM AgatAM gatiH
vetti vidyAM avidyAMca sa vAcyo BagavAn iti ||

He who knows truth behind the mystery of creation and destruction of
creation; how the beings emerge and where they ultimately go; what is real
knowledge and what is ignorance — is said to be the Bhagawan.

An accomplished Siddha when he became a true master of these six alone is entitled to be called “Bhagawan”. He automatically gains “Bhaga”…

ऐश्वर्यस्य समग्रश्च वीर्यश्च यशसश्रियः
ज्ञानवैराग्ययोश्चैव षण्णां भग इतीरणा ॥

aiSvryasya samagraSya veeryaSya yaSasa SriyaH
jnAna vairAgyayOscaiva shaNNAM bhaga iteeraNA ||

The word “Bhaga” is mentioned when there are six qualifications are

samagra iSvrya = Abundant prosperity; Veeryasya = Valorous ;yaSas = Fame;
Sriya = Wealth accumulated naturally (by its own course with out effort); jnAna = Full of knowledge; vairaagya = The feeling of renunciation (having equipoise feeling towards

-Madhava Turumella