As I think – Living is to be able to cherish the unconditional love which we receive from life in the forms of wife, children, family members, friends, our pets and our surroundings!… The art is to be able to thank our Gods for the blessings we received in our life. In fact, we are surrounded by blessings! Our soul magically anchors its existence to these blessings, that is why it wants to live the dream of life, even though it intrinsically knows that everything is momentary! Soul can feel the blessing even in the momentary happiness! On the contrary misery is the address of the soul which can’t recognize the blessings it received in its life, as a result it drifts and drifts like a ship devoid of anchor lost in the vast ocean. That is why it is important to train your soul to remember blessings. The technique is to be able to recollect, to be able to remember our blessings when we are facing the most stressful situations in life! Because we make less mistakes in life only when we manage to remember and recollect our blessings. Also remember that we are in deed make someone else’s blessing! Someone may be out there at this very moment liking the very fact that you are there for her on this planet breathing! Your children, your family members like you for who you are… they may be liking the fact that you are there in their life..! You became the part of certain people’s world, so it is time to beautify it… Time to cherish it… As I see it the world is an intricate web of love. Our right relations are full of continuous transactions where there is no profit motive involved! Live and enjoy your blessings… Life is too small to hold grudges… Let us aim to live happily and die peacefully!  -Madhava Turumella, Sofia, Bulgaria 24/01/2014