As I think: Know that there were Seers without Agendas in Ancient Hinduism. 
In Sanskrit the word “Sva” means “Tomorrow”. “aSva” means “No Tomorrow”. aSva is normally translated as Horse Animal. There- are a particular kind of Seers praised in Veda and Scriptures called “aSvarishis” Those who do not plan for tomorrow. . They act in this world as if there was no tomorrow. They are known as seers with out agendas; they also do not scheme, nor they think of any profit while acting. From this word “Asva” a famous Yagna widely known as “Asvamedha – Horse Sacrifice” came about. “asvamedha” means “Intelligence which is applied – here and now”. Suka is a popular Hindu scriptures seer who acted without an Agenda. Recent times Shirdi Saibaba was also a Seer who acted with out an Agenda. They are also known as “Avadhutas”, “aSvarshis”. Shirdi Saibaba had a pet horse with him called “Syama” (it also means plain and simple – no tomorrow) These Seers help the world for the sake of helping. They have nothing to gain out of rendering such “aSvika” help. In case, you think you have such bent of mind, if you feel you are a plain and simple person then perhaps there is a “aSvarshi” hidden in you. Nurture that thought, get back to your root… Continue living your life as if there was no tomorrow.. It is not a wrong type of living, in Hinduism there is nothing wrong, rather it is a different type of living, that is all!.. Live everyday with out any agenda. That may confuse certain people around you. Suffice to know that you don’t have anything to do with such people who are driven by continuous agendas. Love, Madhava Turumella 29/01/2014