You can’t separate secularism and Hinduism. I believe these words are almost synonyms. Show me any other religion in the world which is as tolerant respectful towards other religions as Hinduism. The word ‘Secularism’ came from Europe. But in Europe the Queen of UK is ‘The Defender of Faith’ [not ‘Faiths’.] We know clearly that it means defender of Christian faith. That is fine. I have no problem with it. Because we know UK is a secular country. USA is also a secular country but they print on their currency ‘In God we trust’ – that is Christian God yet we know they are secular. But when it comes to India the whole definition for ‘Secularism’ changes. In India secularism means ‘Hindu bashing’! Hindus and their secularism is clearly pointed by Vivekananda in his Chicago address “Hindus not merely tolerate but accept our faiths. Hindus know that there is only One God and he is called by different names.All religions are the manifestation of man’s search for the Supreme Being. The respect for other views and perspectives is the basis of democracy, freedom and pluralism. “. It is a pity you call someone communal when he declares himself as ‘I am a Nationalist I am a born Hindu.’ – Madhava Turumella