As I think: UK NHS is not fit for purpose – It is socialism

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 @ 8:16PM

UK NHS is not fit for purpose! I agree! I may have used NHS only five times during the last ten years. I have been paying private medical insurance for my family. I am not a socialist. I sincerely think that NHS gives false hopes to people! It makes people hopelessly dependent on Big-state welfare! It allows people to have unhealthy expectations. It encourages people to over eat, over drink, over indulge in many things; in the end people ruin their body because of their hedonistic habits. I am fine with people over eating, drinking or indulging in hedonism. It is their life and they have every reason to live the way they want. But honestly – think of it – who is in the end who is paying for others indulgence?! “ME – the honest hard working tax payer”…

What I don’t expect, or I don’t wish to do is to pay through my nose Taxes and encourage others to ruin their life!! I saw many times A&E gets swamped by the binge drinkers! I wonder why I should pay my tax for the binge drinkers?! Let them drink and let them pay for their life style.

Things such as “YOGA”, “sama dama and titiksha”, “taking care of what you eat in moderation” are good. People who maintain healthy lifestyle pay through their nose for the people who overeat and become obese! That is socialism and liberalism.. They are only out there to punish and rob the honest hard working people! They suck the blood of the honest tax payer like vampires to feed their overindulging hopelessly dependant vote bank.

I want only minimum welfare state. I want a state which only helps the really vulnerable people. As long as socialists and liberals keep giving assurances to citizens that they are there to take responsibility for the unhealthy lifestyles, it is not going to work!

Either humanity undergoes huge shift in their mindset and take responsibility for their actions, or become hopeless dependants on socialist state and perish… Choice is ours!

-Madhava Turumella

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