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Monday, June 9th, 2014 @ 11:37AM

Secret of Serenity: The best way to beat the game of the public criticism is to accept your flaws.  Be humble.  Don’t ever try to live a life which does not closely represent your true inner-self.

For example – A person with severe asthma or illness will not be naturally interested in participating in any running race.  Have you ever seen sane people criticizing such physically weak person for not standing up to their expectations, for not participating in race?!  But what if that person conceals his illness and tries to run the race?!  People expect him to win and then when he fails they will naturally criticize him.  So being open to disclosing your weakness is not a bad choice!  It might invoke empathy in others. Also such a thing will help you to come in right-relation with the world.   Having a right-relation with your surroundings leads you to have a life.

Humans are naturally blessed with empathy.  Empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another being. We naturally feel for the welfare of other beings!  Empathy is very important to have right-relation with the world.
Please remember that ‘We are what we are’… We are humans.  We are not perfect.  We have our flaws.  We have our weaknesses.  Nobody should force us to do anything against our will our likes and dislikes.  If I don’t like a particular God or a particular religion that is my choice.  If I believe in particular superstition that is my weakness.   We live our life based on our choices and by being aware of our weaknesses.

There is a word  ‘midhyachara’  used in Gita 3.6.  It means pretentious.   ‘Don’t pretend anything that which you are not!  It will only bring misery to your life’ is the message.

People become pretentious because of their desire.  Cheaters are best example of this.  People cheat because they have a desire and they know they don’t have any means of achieving that desire.  They break the law. They break the bond of empathy.  They abuse the system.  They go to any extent to satisfy their desire which results in misery for them and the people around them.  Perpetrators of very big stock market scams are an example for this cheating attitude.  They desire and they cheat with out ever considering the consequences.  In the end they land up in only living a life of misery.  Therefore our Hindu seers told us not to desire anything that which we truly do not deserve.

Saint Kabir said ”kabira aap thagaayiye aur na thagiye koi
aap thage sukh hot hai aur thage dukh hoi’. [Doha 177] – Kabir you get cheated but don’t let others get cheated.  If you get cheated you get serenity but if you cheat others then that only brings great misery to you’.

Cultivate the habit of empathy.  Learn to live close to your true self.  Don’t give false expectations to the world.  Don’t judge the others and don’t submit yourself to other’s judgements.  The secret is to accept the inner you, the REAL YOU.  Don’t be harsh, don’t be critical towards yourself.  You are what you are…  Accepting that and coming to terms with that –  I think – is one of the secrets of serenity.  -Madhava Turumella

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