As I think: Open blessing to an aspiring leader

Monday, February 10th, 2014 @ 1:43PM

Open blessing to an aspiring leader: 

There are two types of leaders. Those who act like “Gate keepers” and the others who act like “Gate ways”. Gate keepers are leaders who enter the movement or political organization for personal gain, they gelously guard their contacts, they create uncertainity in the followers minds, they play mind games, in the end they will make sure nobody enters or enjoys the same position they are holding in the organization. Hence they are gate keepers, they do not let anyone else cross the gate! On the contrary gateway type leaders listen to the issues of followers. Their remarkable quality is absence of jealousy. Gateways make sure they get their followers in touch with right contacts, they encourage future leaders to take up lead roles. 

Typically Gate keepers establish political dynasties, they cause a lot of hurt to others. Where as gateways do their duty and slowly retire from the scene giving way to the others. Gateways come from ordinary Tea selling hard working backgrounds hence they know how important it is for everyone to succeed. 

It is my observation that Indian political systems also Hindu leadership systems in many organizations is full of Gatekeepers who are attached to their high positions and they never encourage new leadership. They only encourage their family to lead.

Karunanidhi, Jawarhallal Nehru, Indira Gandhi are some of the examples of Gatekeeper kind of leaders. They are a problem, not solution. . Sardar Patel, Puccalapalli Sundaraiah, Acharya NG Ranga, PV Narasimha Rao are examples of Gateway leders. We need leaders who act and encourage like gateways. You can notice a gateway kind of leader because they act altruistically. They respond to the issue at hand with out thinking about their personal political gain in the gateway transaction. Matured society encourages Gateway type of leaders. 

If you feel jelous of your fellow activist’s success, if you backbite the others, if you keep craving for positions then perhaps you are a Gatekeeper! It is best to retire from what you are doing. Because the politics you play help only you and your family to succeed. Others can gain nothing from you. You may be good for business but not politics. Remember Lord Krishna taught Gita to Arjun because Arjun has no jelousy ‘pravakshyaami anasuyave’ (Gita 9.1)…..if you genuinely don’t feel jealousy then India has a true leader in you..I wish you all the best..-Madhava Turumella

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