I am a British citizen and an Overseas Citizen of India came to UK under the new points-based immigration policy for professional experts, introduced, in early 2001 to help improve UK Economy.  I came to UK from Germany.  Though my roots lie in India, I was also a resident of Arabian Gulf for a few years. This has garnered me a wide international exposure in terms of culture, education and profession.

My friends fondly call me as “Madhava”.   Linguistically speaking, I am fluent in English & German that are together spoken by about 2 billion people around the world.  Considering my Indian background, I am also able to speak and write Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati and my native mother tongue –Telugu, the four Indian languages that are spoken by more than 1 billion people around the world.

I was long ago bitten by the travel bug that fuels my drive to travel extensively around UK. Small towns and countryside have always excited me and have been a must stop for visit.  In this pursuit of globetrotting I have visited Europe and a lot of other nations in the past two year span including USA,  South Africa, Germany, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czeck Republic, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan etc.

Professionally,I have flourished in the field of Global Operations project management in Market Research Industry. I have been in this niche field for the past 22 years, with a gradual progression on the corporate ladder from a lowest entry position (Data entry) to a senior International Director with an MNC.   I am very much devoted to the professional development and expertise in this important area that is both a science as well as an art. I do my bit to help British citizens progress in this area and keep abreast of world standards.

Outside the primary circle of my profession and the job that pays my bills, I happen to nurture quite a few novel interests that I would like to share which might aid in understanding me better as a socially active and complete person.

  • Inter Faith: Faith for many people is central to their lives.  The cultural diversity in UK requires us to cultivate our faiths as a bridge to a cohesive society. I am interested in the practice of World religions as a Global unifying movement.  As a practicing Hindu, I strongly believe that all world religions advocate peace and common-wellbeing for all humanity. In order to keep percolating this believe throughout the community I am honored to be elected as Vice President as well as an Inter-faith working committee member of Hindu Forum of Britain (http://www.hfb.org.uk). Additionally, I also serve as elected director for the Counsel of Dharmic Faiths (http://www.councilofdharmicfaiths.co.uk/).At the same time, I support rational and scientific thinking in all public matters.
  • Public Speaking:  Another area I am known for in the local community is my lectures on motivation and Hindu Philosophy.  My presentation in local TV on Bhagwath Gita (from epic MahaBharath) has earned me goodwill from my local community.
  • Literature:  I am passionate about world literature and reading is one of my main hobbies. I have a penchant for writing short stories and poems, several of which have been published. I pursue this whenever time permits. At present I am writing a series of articles titled “The secrets of Sunderakanda” (Part of Epic Ramayana) being published by “Hindu Today” monthly magazine.
  • Media:Telugu being my mother tongue, any cause for the welfare of the Telugu people is something that is close to my heart. In this effort to enunciate my support for the people, I am proud to be the founder of Teluguvani Radio – Voice of Telugu People in Europe  http://www.teluguvani.com this is a Not-for-profit radio where Telugu speaking community volunteers share their news and views.
  • Hindu Priest:  I am a formally trained and qualified Hindu priest both in ApastambaGrihya Sutras and Bhattiyaschools of SriKrishnaYajurveda.   In UK & Europe, I have been invited to officiate weddings.   Besides performing weddings, I also perform other Hindu rituals and rites of passage (Samskaras). Any monies raised by me through this endeavor always go to Hindu charities. If you are a charity from India working for Hindu causes then you are most welcome to contact me for donations.


Awards and Accolades: I am very delighted to be graced by very prestigious awards and recognition from the hands of imminent people. Some of these that have surely added feathers to my shining cap include:


  • Received ‘Nine Jewels of Indian Culture in UK’ award – 2013 [From the hands of PujyashreeBhupendrabhaiPandyaji]
  • Received ‘Bharat Gaurav’ (Pride of India) Award – from India [From the hands of Cabinet Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. Of India]
  • Received ‘Abhinava Vivekananda Award’ – 2014 – from India [From the hands of  Padma Vihbushan Dr. C Narayana Reddy, Jnanapeth Awardee